PDA on School Premises: the Gist

Now readers this is technically my last blog, but I was contemplating on continuing it with a similar topic. I will see.

The lingering kisses, the inappropriate touches here and…uh no not there. Yes, you have all read it all my lovely readers. From the students and the teachers about how they view Public Display of Affection (PDA). You also get a gist of what I think about it also, if not, then you are blind to see the truth and nothing but the truth! Pretty much this is me going over the four blogs, and if you have not read it, well you are lazy and you should. You do not know what you are missing out on!

Plain and simple, Public Display of Affection, or in my case, Public Display of Annoyance is really annoying. No one wants to see anyone showing rude behavior that makes people around them feel awkward and disgusted. For example, whenever I am walking around the peaceful atmosphere of school and enjoying my lunch, several couples around me have to ruin it with their disrespectfulness. It is all cutesy until they get tongue tied are not able to untie themselves.

When students behave in such manner that is when teachers must come in for the rescue! But there is not any rule that forbids these delinquents to not act in such way. We should video tape them all and send them anonymously to parents(not creepy at all!). Let the fun begin! Kids should not be allowed to do those kinds of things on school grounds anyway because it takes away from their education and causes a distraction.

This disorderly conduct brings interruption to the scholastic environment and makes single people feel left out! At least think about them people! School would be a better place if these kids were not engaged in such expression. There is a time and place for everything and using school as your bedroom is an absolute NO NO!

My children of the new generation you should all get your education first and then resort to the worldly pleasures of affection. I hope you know do know that if you do not then you are disrespectful to the people around you and yourself because of the image you are putting forth to the eyes that see.

So my little juvenile delinquents, stay out of trouble, stay safe, and please no sucking face in school. Until then goodbye, adios, and ciao from your blogger!

Relationships in Schools affecting Education: an inside look in the minds of Teachers

In the halls of most high schools, we see love struck teens fondling, kissing, touching, and whatever else comes to your imaginative minds. (Hey, yeah you, the ones who commit these mindless deeds, why are you doing this?) Now I know majority of the students feel awkward and disgusted by these rebels showing their public displays of affection (PDA), but do we really know how teachers feel about them? Teachers are there to educate and show us the pathway to college; they are to be regarded in a respectful way as they are pretty much our school parents. They do not want to look outside the window and see kids doing the dirty deed while they are enjoying their lunch. Not only are you ruining their lunch you are showing a lack of respect!

Last week I interrogated one of our teachers and I got quite a smashing response. When asked, “What do you see on a daily basis?” Ms.Feeny replied, “I can divide the PDA into two main categories: 1) the passing period make-out session and 2) lunch cuddle time. In category 1, one student is walking the other to class. They stop somewhere in the middle of the A-wing to engage in a prolonged goodbye, involving a passionate embrace and a slobbery inspection of each other’s tonsils. There’s this end-of-the-world type quality to these kisses, like they may never escape from the horrors of second block. I tend to get red and try to look somewhere else. During lunch, different couples have different home spots on campus. (You all are impressively consistent about what couples go where…do you have a map or something? A reservation system? When a couple breaks up, how do you decide you gets to take over their spot?)  The cuddlers are clearly trying to be private, since they choose out of the way corners, but everybody can see them anyway, it kind of looks like they are glued together for 35 minutes.  When I’m on lunch duty, I will look away because it seems somehow invasive to look at two people clinging to each other like that, but then I remember that it’s MY JOB to look.  I would feel a lot less creepy if people saved the full-body groping for after school.”  Wow, bravo!

Some of you little kids who agree with PDA might respond to this in a negative and bratty way but no one cares about what you think. This time I have obtained a teachers point of view and most or all teachers feel this way. How do I know? I can see it in their eyes. It is time for change children and if you want to get better grades then it would be wise not to resort to such discrepancies. All they want is for all students to feel comfortable enough to engage in learning, and also to help students understand what kinds of behavior are unacceptable in public.

Students, if you are not going to have lingering make out sessions in front of your parents, you should not be doing that in front of your teachers either. So my little juvenile delinquents, stay out of trouble, stay safe, and please no sucking face in school. Until then goodbye, adios, and ciao from your blogger!

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Relationships in Schools affecting Education: An inside look in the minds of Parents

Everybody has witnessed it, embraced it, and despised it. We cringe at the public displays of affection that students show on school property. Like swallowing each other’s faces are not necessary people! But have we ever wondered how parents might react to seeing their kids behaving in such way? Really, parents are driving by to pick up their children afterschool; they do not want to see some little delinquents pressed up against a fire hydrant doing God knows what. I do not know about any other parents, but I do know that my parents would personally get out of there car and drag me back in the car. Since most parents views might be the equivalent to other parents, I thought, might as well interview a person who has a lot to say about this epidemic.

An interview was conducted by yours truly for an eager parent who wanted to let the world, my readers, know what she feels about PDA. When asked about her views and if there should be restrictions placed on schools, Ya Mamma said, “There’s a certain place for showing how much you love a person but it shouldn’t be in public, at all. There should be rules placed if such crude behavior ever takes place.” Now I had to move on with my blog but Ya Mamma insisted and kept on speaking, “Do they ever consider what their parents might think if they saw them? That’s your own private matter and should do it behind closed doors. Your parents don’t send you to school for lip locking they send you for education. Education is a necessity and you all are getting it for free. So take advantage of that and don’t waste time on such things like PDA. If your parents are fine with PDA, then you can go right ahead and do it in front of their faces. Administrators should be able to stop such behavior as well because we have morals and they should instill it in the kids. ” After Ya Mamma had finished her beautiful lecture she got up and walked away confidently.

Now I know some people might think Ya Mamma’s views are too conservative or too extreme but c’mon now people, she has a point here. Not only is PDA unnecessary and childish, you do not need to profess your love for everyone to see. If you love your significant other then that is all they need to know. Displaying it in public could also be a considered a harassment because you are making a lot of people feel uncomfortable. Just today afterschool as I was being a good noodle and walking around classes and picking up recycle bins, I saw two underclassmen busy in some strenuous activity on the bench. School has ended and you are still here? Now I know you do not like school that much but I am guessing you are getting some practice for your next, oh I don’t know, THE SUCKFACE game!

Students are now using schools as their love pad during school hours and after. Administrators and teachers who are walking around see these everyday but I doubt they say anything. Maybe there should be rules placed where it gives them the authority to take action. I do not know what goes on in their head, but sure would like to. So my little juvenile delinquents, stay out of trouble, stay safe, and please no sucking face in school. Until then goodbye, adios, and ciao from your blogger!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog, “Relationships in Schools affecting Education: an inside look in the minds of Teachers.”

Relationships in Schools affecting Education: an inside look in the minds of Teenagers

Visual pollution is the lone contributor to the global warming; our world is contaminated with this thing called Public Displays of Affection. Its fumes spread all along the high school walls and destroys everyone and anyone in its path. The youngsters at our school engage themselves in physical education. Oh wait, we do not have any PE, then what are these kids doing? Yes, you have guessed it right; my friends, they do the unthinkable, unspeakable, and unbearable. While the youngsters see it as displaying love to another person, we all know that is not what it seems. The indecencies they possess appalls me! It is even worse when they go at it like there is no tomorrow!

I have done some research of my own recently and found a Prominent Leader in our student body who agrees with my opinion. I asked, “What are your views on PDA?” The Prominent Leader said, “PDA is unnecessary in school because it’s just a need for them to feel the urge to show off their possessions. When you try to show it off, you resort to PDA.” Bravo unnamed prominent leader!

Although most people do see eye to eye with my belief, there are some people who like to disagree with common sense. I spoke to another Not So Prominent leader at our school and asked the same riveting question. His response, “People like you are too conservative…chill. There’s nothing wrong with showing your love to another person. It’s human nature.” First of all it is the 21st century; two, it is called being respectful and thinking of others. Some people are just so clueless about the effects it can have on an individual. The inhabitants of this school might find it disgusting, hot or they just do not care. Like, “Hey friends, look how cute we are!” Not only is this a desperate cry for attention, PDA makes single people feel lonely. Compare that to a person eating platefuls of food in front of a starving person. Yes, that is how they feel. At least have some pity and do not do it for that reason.

Don’t you hate it when you are trying to get to class and there is traffic because little girls and boys are just standing there blocking traffic? Well I absolutely hate it. We are late to class people get a move on it! Since they do not care about getting to class on time, they probably do not even care about their grades. If you are trying to find an excuse about why your grades are the way they are, maybe you should think to stop for a second and ask yourself, “Did I really just get an F because I make out at school?” or “Am I even going to graduate with the way things are going?” No, no it is not your fault at all. Blame your boyfriend or girlfriend. I mean they are the ones who lured you into the intricate trap right?

Kids, you have no one to blame but yourself. Stopping PDA will not only change your reputation but it will also change your low grades into something greater. You can do it. I will help you in this long journey of realization that PDA is just not acceptable on school premises. I am not saying ALL couples are like that but majority are. It is not that hard. All you have to do is stop sucking face around school and get back on track. That is the real priority here. So my little juvenile delinquents, stay out of trouble, stay safe, and please no sucking face in school. Until then goodbye, adios, and ciao from your blogger!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog, “Relationships in Schools affecting Education: an inside look in the minds of Parents

PDA on School Premises

Handholding and hugging? The younger generation has long surpassed the simple display of affection by resorting to a much more provocative and deviant manner; kissing, making out, and whatever else comes to your imagination. My 17-year-old innocent eyes are being corrupted by these acts being committed, especially in front of hormonal teenagers who are either in love, want to be, or are just plain old emotional. School is a place for learning and gaining knowledge it is not a place where you come for social gatherings, even though some teenagers think otherwise. While high school students think school is their bedroom and they can pretty much do whatever they want to, the schools must take charge and not let this catastrophic incident happen. There is always a time and place for everything kids, and school is not the place where you can perform them.

While walking around my school, there is a section where the couples seem to gather by using their mating calls to lure each other to the benches. The predator usually ends up capturing its prey in the intricate trap and works almost every time not to be blunt, but sucking face in front of teachers and administrators not only shows how disrespectful you are but they might think, “Is this how their parents brought them up?” Of course that is not what you want people to think, or you might be the type of person who does not care if their reputation gets tarnished. But if you had an inkling of respect in you, you would know that you would not be doing that in front of your grandparents, parents, and teachers. I do not know about anyone else but at least I would not.

Now the exposure of your so -called “love marks” is taking it to a whole other level.  I see them all the time. Students flaunting it freely and do not even consider what others might make of it. Do you think it is cute to show your bruised up necks? What and who are you trying to prove something to? Either put makeup on it, bandage it, whatever no one wants to see that in school. Now I am not saying you should stop the S&M, whatever excites you is your business, but what kind of example are you setting here? You all must have little siblings who look up to you and will definitely follow in your footsteps. If you do not want your little sister, or brother doing that kind of things then you should not either. No double standard here.

My peers of the new generation you have all the time in the world to show your partner how much you love them, but it is not necessary for you to show it right in school. Rather than having a romantic ambiance in school we should be having a scholastic one. I am no parent but if I were to have kids in the future I would not tolerate that kind of behavior at all. Especially in school where people see, talk, and spread. So my little juvenile delinquents, stay out of trouble, stay safe, and please no sucking face in school. Until then goodbye, adios, and ciao from your blogger!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog, Relationships in Schools affecting Education: An inside look in the minds of Teenagers.”